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Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

No Second Circuit decisions today.

In EDNY news: On Friday, Jeffrey Hurant, the CEO of, pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution. He will be sentenced on February 2. allowed escorts to advertise their services online. The case made headlines last year when Hurant and others were arrested and the files of seized. The site, which ran for nearly 20 years, was shut down. The particularly detailed affidavit in support of the warrant drew censure by many for describing gay sex acts, as one pundit put, “ with shuddering relish.” As the popular blogger, Dan Savage, and others noted, Rentboy cut out the middleman – namely pimps – in connecting escorts to clients, which actually made the process safer. After a massive amount of criticism of the prosecution, charges were dropped against all of the defendants, save Mr. Hurant.…

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