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Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Standing Alone

United States v. Hamilton, No. 06-2933-cr (2d Cir. August 15, 2008) (Leval, Sotomayor, Katzmann, CJJ)

Hamilton was convicted of participating in a marijuana conspiracy. He raised a host of issues on appeal, and prevailed on his claim that the district court erroneously concluded that he lacked standing to challenge a search.

The Fourth Amendment Issue

This investigation began in 1999, in Los Angeles, where local authorities arrested Hamilton and charged him with marijuana possession. Hamilton was released on bail, then disappeared, and later acquired a Florida driver’s license in a different name. The government later learned that the LA marijuana would make its way to the Bronx.

In 2004, L.A. police officers intercepted a FedEx package containing marijuana that was supposed to go to an address in Encino, California. They conducted a controlled delivery, and discovered five men in the driveway of the house, one of whom was Hamilton, who …

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