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Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Supreme Court holds that a 924(j) conviction does not require a consecutive sentence.

In Lora v. United States, decided June 16, 2023, the Supreme Court ruled that the bar on imposition of concurrent sentences in 18 U.S.C. 924(c)(1)(D)(ii) does not apply to a sentence for a 924(j) conviction.  Thus, the district court has the discretion to run a 924(j) sentence either concurrently with or consecutively to a sentence for another offense.

The Court reasoned that by its terms the consecutive sentence mandate of 924(c) is limited to sentences imposed “under this subsection.”  Quite obviously, 924(j) is a separate subsection.  It incorporates some of the offense elements of 924(c) but not its penalty provision.  Accordingly, the concurrent sentences bar of 924(c) does not apply to a sentence imposed under 924(j).

This decision unanimously reversed the Second Circuit in an opinion by Justice Jackson.…

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