Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

A Good Thing from Our Friends in Oregon (and It’s Not a Pinot)

Steve Sady of the Oregon FPD has made available the latest version of his article, “Developments in Federal Search and Seizure Law” (click here for a link to the PDF version). The article outlines in detail all the key issues in search and seizure law, with an emphasis on “trac[ing] recent developments in selected areas and juxtapos[ing] the lead cases [(often pro-Government)] with federal court cases in which the defendant prevailed.” Although most of the examples of favorable lower court cases are from the Ninth Circuit, Steve’s article should prove invaluable in “encourag[ing] creative use of the available precedents that may make a decisive difference for our clients in state or federal court.” So print it out, read it on the subway, and dream of the Ninth Circuit!

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